Members of the Public

We regularly get calls from members of the public who see our low prices and assume they are already showing as wholesale! So here is the answer to an often asked question Yes! Members of the public are very (very, very, very...) welcome to buy online from us and the prices listed are already public prices and include GST.

We will dispatch to you as promptly as we can and can send to your home, business, PO Box or even out as a gift to someone else!

No - Sorry, we don't operate as a physical shop from our warehouse (wish we could!).  Unfortunately, due to our council zoneing, we are not allowed to have members of the public browse and shop in our physical warehouse as you would in a bricks and morter lolly shop.

However, you are more than welcome to order online and then come and collect your order from our warehouse - Which can often save you some postage costs - and is just fine with our rule making friends down at the council.