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*Instore/Click &Collect

With some of the Sydney lockdown restrictions lifting on October 11th 2021, we are getting renewed interest from Sydney siders for being able to come back in the store to visit.

There has been a major NSW government leadership change, and the overall rules / roadmap still seems very dynamic.

However, frustratingly, several current health orders and legal issues affect our timing for re-opening in-store shopping. In no particular order, and unfortunately nor is the list exhaustive;

  • No unvaccinated people can visit until December 1st. We would legally be responsible for policing/enforcing that or risk heavy fines (etc.)

  • Testing / Self-isolation rules for casual contact / close contacts mean we could easily find ourselves needing to close for isolation.

  • Close contact rules are still very loosely defined and are at the whim of an arbitrary dictation around your next 7 - 14 days.

  • There's no formal legal framework around staff safe work environment and seemingly waiting for testing in the courts.

  • There is no estimates/understanding of what the numbers will elevate to post re-opening on October 11th - The AMA is very publicly predicting another lockdown shortly after opening up.

The combination of these factors mean, much to our disappointment, we need to remain closed (to in-store shopping) until some of the resolutions become clear to these major issues.

We absolutely must make sure our staff are safe from COVID and the inevitable conflict of people prepared to challenge health orders with aggression. In addition, we also need to maintain the continuity of our core business (Australia wide dispatches) by managing our potential exposure to isolation commitments in the face of the potential explosion of cases.

On the plus side, in the interim to re-opening to in-store customers,  we have re-opened a COVID safe / Workplace safe Click & Collect system. Please note that placing a Click & Collect order, when on-site, will not be possible due to the massive queue of orders our pick/packers are currently processing - Customers who have made a Click & Collect orders online will be emailed when the order is available for collection - Please do not come on-site to collect your order until you have received this email.

At the moment, our best guess is that we will resume for instore on December 1st, when everyone is welcome to shop in-store, and the practicality / legality of some of the rules have been tested and revised.

We know our decision to hold off on re-opening in-store is going to disappoint some of our local customers, and we join you in acknowledging how frustrating the whole situation is.

 We're continuing our special free freight / discounted offer in parallel to navigating being able to re-open to in-store.

With sincere thanks for your patience and understanding - We look forward to welcoming you in store as soon as possible.

The Professors Management Team

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