Lollies for Fundraising

If you need to purchase some lollies for fundraising then you have come to the right place!

The simple fact is, everyone loves lollies and they are an one of the few reliable ways to quickly raise funds. People simply cannot resist a treat when it is infront of them and this is why confectionery is by-far the number one selling impulse product category in the world.

We have also sourced a range of lollies that work well for fundraising market stalls, fete stalls, canteen special day sales and made them available for direct sale so fundraisers. Quickly, cheaply and easily at our online lolly stop.

If you want some great profits and carry very little risk then simplyvisit our online shop and purchase however much confectionery stock you feel will be needed for your fundraiser next fete or market appearance.

There is no minimum purchase amount and we will accept returns (and refund the purchase cost) of any resalable / unopened display units inside of 3 months of purchase.

For example, let's say you purchased 5 tubs of chupa chupas and sold 4 tubs of them, simply send the 5th one back to us and we refund you for it.

If you spend over $80 online and we will deliver your stock to you for FREE anywhere in Australia.

It's super easy;

  1. Visit  our online lolly stop.
  2. Add to the cart the items you would like to sell at your fundraiser
  3. Go to the Checkout

When you have completed your fundraiser, just send back any unopened display units and we promptly refund you for them - you just keep the profits from the sold units!