Choc Coated Popping Candy

We are the importers of Choc Coated Popping Candy into Australia - A product which is both delicious and amazing all at once!

choc coated popping candy ( ChoCo2 ) 50 piece display unit

We call it "ChoCo2" - "ChoCo" because of it's chocolately goodness and "Co2" because it is Co2 that gives the popping candy it's pop!

This unique type of coated pop rocks / coated popping candy confectionery has a number of uses like;

  • An ice cream inclusion
  • ice cream or cake "popping topping"
  • An number of other food manufacturing inclusions uses
  • or just eat it as as amazing choc confectionery treat on its own

Choc Coated Popping Candy - A unique Ice Cream inclusionThe ChoCo2 (choc coated popping candy) is made by taking clear pieces of lightly flavoured strawberry popping candy (Carbon Dioxide - CO2 infused candy) and giving them a delicious chocolatey coating.

Originally, we worked with the manufacturer to develop this product as a unique ice cream inclusion and topping (You might recognise it here) , but soon realised it has many other uses as an inclusion and is amazing chocolatey treat in its own right.

ChoCo2 is available in 1kg bags for re-bagging or to use as an inclusion, and also in 10g test tubes which are eye catching, curiosity inducing, impulse arousing point of sale wonders!

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