Allens Frogs Alive, by Allens Confectionery,  and more Confectionery at The Professors Online Lolly Shop. (Image Number :6206)

Allens Frogs Alive (Red - 1.3kg Bag)

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  • Product Description

    A massive 1.3kg of genuine Allens Frogs Alive -red version. These are hugely popular for any athletic event and work well at an sporting canteens.
    Trivia - There is a group of volunteers called the Red Frogs. Over 1500 Red Frog volunteers provide direct relief, safety and support to young people during Schoolies/Leavers Week across 16 locations. They assist with School leavers in many different wasy, offering pancake cook-ups, room visits and games, room cleans, emotional support, walk homes and of course they hand out the very popular red frogs.

    Looking for a Confectionery to suit a Parties event? Look no further, this is the one for you!
    Purchase these sweets in a beautiful Red to bring your event alive.
    Supplied by Allens Confectionery, these lollies will sure to be a hit with your guests.
    This Confectionery is a product of Australia
    We best describe this confectionery as CoVid-19 Helpers,Retro,Soft Jelly.
    We recommend this Confectionery for Candy Buffet / Event Styling / Catering,Lolly / Chocolate Shop.
    You will be left wanting more of this candy as the tasty flavour of Raspberry sets in.
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    1. Great

      Awesome on 13th Jan 2020

    2. Red Frogs

      Great for kids birthday parties on 26th Jul 2019

    3. Original red frogs

      I think these were the original red frogs......still taste the same...yummy!!!! Going on last review i'll have to try the green frogs to see if i'm missing something. on 28th Apr 2019

    4. Not as good

      I am a lollie girl I love them especially Allen’s. I recently bought some red frogs I use to only buy the green frogs and now I know why
      Red frogs are yum but green frogs are without doubt the best
      on 21st Oct 2018

    5. Love the Red Frogs

      When arrived was pleasantly surprised they were the correct size red frogs - not the tiny ones! on 24th Sep 2017

    6. Yummy yummy

      Who doesn't love red frogs , my family certainly does on 29th Aug 2017

    7. Allens Frogs Alive (Red)

      Fantastic! They were a hit at the Candy Table. on 21st Feb 2017

    8. Who knew ftogs were so yummy

      A favourite for my whole family although l have to hide them otherwise they would be gone in 5 mins on 23rd Oct 2016

    9. who doesn't like frogs

      yummy red frogs all the family like on 30th Jun 2016

    10. Love the BIG red frogs

      I loved the BIG red frogs growing up, and so does my next generation! Can't get the big frogs in the supermarket, only the little ones. And it has to be the BIG frogs!! on 27th May 2016

  • Other Details

    Brand: Allens Confectionery
    Category: CoVid-19 Helpers
    Category: Retro
    Category: Soft Jelly
    Colour: Red
    Country: Australia
    Flavour: Raspberry
    Occasion: Parties
    Usage: Candy Buffet / Event Styling / Catering
    Usage: Lolly / Chocolate Shop
    Product: CoVid-19 Helpers