Crunchy Ice Cream, by The Professors Tasty Technology,  and more Confectionery at The Professors Online Lolly Shop. (Image Number :2282)

Crunchy Ice Cream (Single Serve / Vanilla)

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    Delicious and unique. Crunchy Ice Cream is real Ice Cream, but does not require any refrigeration or freezing. It is freeze dried ice cream.
    With a texture a little like the inside of a violet crumble, take a bit and experience the real ice cream melts down in your mouth to reveal the Vanilla taste and smooth creaminess.
    Amazingly, freeze Dried Ice Cream was originally invented for the NASA apolla space mission.
    Crunchy Ice Cream is proudly made in Australia by The Professors Tasty Technology!

    Available in a combination of dazzling Red,White,Yellow, this confectionery will be sure to WOW your guests at your next event.
    Do you need a Confectionery item that will work for Lolly / Chocolate Shop,Party Shop? Look no further, this product is the one for you.
    Have a Space themed event coming up? This Confectionery is ideal.
    Manufactured in Australia
    Require Individually Wrapped Confectionery? This product meets all your needs.
    The Professors Tasty Technology supply this line of confectionery.
    This confectionery is categorised as "Unique".
    With the scrumptious flavour of Cream, your mouth will be watering at the thought of these sweets.
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      We absolutely LOVE Crunchy Ice Cream. We can't get enough of it and if I could afford it I reckon I'd buy a truck load of it and I'm serious about that. The whole family loves it. We all wish too that you could buy it in a larger size or get a discount if you bought more than a certain amount. on 16th Jun 2016

    2. Very Moorish. You can't Stop with just 1 block.

      Great tasting. Very creamy. It just melts in your mouth. I just wish you could get it in larger sizes and buy in bulk amounts because you can't stop at one block and it goes very quickly. on 29th May 2016

    3. Great sweet treat for your bag!

      Love this product and love getting people to try it. Always tasty on 6th May 2016

    4. pleasantly surprised

      I bought this purely out of curiosity and I was pleasantly surprised. Really tasty and super creamy. Will definitely be buying again. Only negative, there wasn't enough in the pack. on 16th Apr 2016

    5. Amazing

      I wasn't sure about trying it when I first heard about this stuff. But now I have tried it WOW!!!!
      The kids loved it and so did I.
      on 8th Sep 2015

    6. Great

      the kids all love it great very happy on 13th Jul 2015

    7. Delicious!!!!

      I'm in love with this stuff!!! It's crunchy, creamy, cool to talk about to your friends. My friends and I are even going to plan a road trip just to go to your factory and stock up and go back to Melbourne. I've got them hooked so you're welcome :) on 15th Jun 2015

    8. Yum

      Creamy on 23rd Feb 2015

    9. So good

      Melt in the mouth ice creamy goodness. Too good to resist.
      We got some to get another friend addicted. But accidentally ate it all before we could get them hooked.
      I'd love it if there were some more flavours. But the vanilla one it simply delicious.
      Good enough to keep coming back for more. (And making up excuses not to share with others.)
      on 15th Jan 2015

    10. Great Ice cream

      The best thing to eat. Can't get enough of it, wish it was in larger packs. on 9th Oct 2014

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  • Other Details

    Brand: The Professors Tasty Technology
    Category: Unique
    Colour: Red
    Colour: White
    Colour: Yellow
    Country: Australia
    Flavour: Cream
    Packaging: Individually Wrapped
    Theme: Space
    Usage: Lolly / Chocolate Shop
    Usage: Party Shop