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Confectioneries and lollies have always been a part of special events, occasions and holidays. Lollies can be used as bonbonniere, party favours or tokens of appreciation during events and parties. Kids love them, and adults love them, too so there’s always a reason to celebrate with lollies and treats.

Give them out to friends, family and guests during birthday parties, wedding receptions or even company events or make things even more exciting by serving them in wonderfully designed lolly buffets. Lollies also make wonderful gifts to loved ones. Give your mum or dad a box or jar of their favourite treat during Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Surprise your spouse or girlfriend with a basket of sweet candies and chocolates on Valentine’s. Make the kids happy by filling up your Halloween or Easter lolly bowl with lollies and goodies that perfectly match the celebration.

Whether you’re looking for an impressive wedding bonbonniere, exciting party favours or traditional yet delicious lollies for the holidays – you can be certain that we have them all here. In fact, we also have bulk candies for different occasions.

Browse through our confectionery choices today and make the next occasion a sweeter and more special one for you and those celebrating with you.

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