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  • The Professors Online Lolly Shop and Confectionery Warehouse
  • 1800 854 234
  • Warehouse 16 8 Gladstone Rd, Castle Hill, NSW, 2154 Australia
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Lollies are fun to eat, but sometimes they might not be enough to fill your hunger. There’s no need to worry though, because we also have snacks to whet your appetite. Indeed, we have a wide selection of nibbles that you can choose from!


Are you a fan of sweet treats? Browse through our snacks by type and find delight in our cakes, biscuits, cookies, wafers and pop tarts. We also have fruit and muesli snacks, which are great for those who want something more natural. Are you more of a savoury enthusiast? There’s also a lot of snacks to choose from and enjoy. Have fun with our chewy beef jerky or make yourself busy by rummaging through a bag or tube of chips!


Whether you’re watching a movie or hanging out with friends – there’s no reason for you not to have a snack. So go ahead, choose from our snacks by type and grab yourself a sweet or savoury bite today!


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