AIT Confectionery

Introduction to AIT Confectionery

AIT Confectionery, part of Australian International Traders (AIT), has been a prominent name in the candy industry for over two decades. Established in 1996, AIT has built a strong reputation for developing and distributing high-quality confectionery products across Australia and internationally. With a commitment to bringing fun and enjoyment through their innovative products, AIT covers all major distribution channels, including grocery stores, independent retailers, and convenience stores.

Popular Brands and Products

AIT is known for its diverse range of brands, each offering unique and exciting confectionery items. Some of the most popular brands under the AIT umbrella include:

  1. TNT: A brand synonymous with super sour candies, TNT offers a variety of products like sour straps, licorice, gummies, chews, chew bars, hard candy, lollipops, sherbet, and popping candy.
  2. KA-BLUEY: Known for its iconic blue raspberry flavour, KA-BLUEY includes bubblegum, hard candy, chews, ice pops, and jellies.
  3. RUDE DUDES: A fun and cheeky brand with products like Bulls Balls, Bum Blasters, and Roo Blue Balls that always bring a smile to consumers' faces.
  4. ICE MONY: Famous for triangle-shaped ice pops available in various flavours, including a 99% fruit juice range.
  5. SNOWTIME: Offering high-quality ice pops in a wide array of flavours and shapes, popular in Australia for over 40 years.

Commitment to Excellence

AIT's mission is to be the go-to marketers for confectionery and ice pop products, continually innovating and creating brands that bring joy to consumers of all ages. They maintain strong relationships with both customers and suppliers, often turning business connections into long-term friendships.

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