Introduction to TNT

TNT is a popular Australian confectionery brand known for its explosive and tangy sour candies. Owned by Australian International Traders (AIT), TNT offers a variety of sour treats that are loved by kids and adults alike. The brand is renowned for its high-quality ingredients and intense flavours that provide a unique and enjoyable snacking experience.

History and Development

TNT was developed by Australian International Traders (AIT), a company with a strong reputation in the confectionery industry. AIT focuses on creating high-quality and innovative confectionery products that stand out in the market. TNT quickly gained popularity due to its bold and sour flavours, becoming a staple in the Australian candy scene. Over the years, the brand has expanded its product range to include various forms of sour candies, maintaining its commitment to quality and flavour.

Market Presence in Australia

TNT products are widely available in specialty stores and online retailers across Australia, including The Professors. The brand's popularity is driven by its consistent quality and the ability to deliver a fun and tangy taste experience that appeals to a wide audience.

Popular Products

TNT offers a diverse selection of sour confectionery that caters to different taste preferences:

  1. TNT Sour Straps: Classic sour straps available in various flavours such as cola and blue raspberry.
  2. TNT Sour Turbo Tubes: Chewy tubes with a sour sugar coating, available in flavours like watermelon.
  3. TNT Sour Spray: Intense sour spray that delivers a quick burst of tangy flavour.
  4. TNT Sour Shocks: Sour bars that deliver an intense tangy kick with every bite.
  5. TNT Sour Blasts: Super sour coated chews in five delicious flavours.

These products are perfect for snacking, sharing, and enjoying a tangy treat, making TNT a go-to brand for sour candy lovers.

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