Trolli Brite Crawlers (2kg bag)

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Get ready to light up your taste buds with the Trolli Brite Crawlers in a massive 2kg bag! These colorful and flavorful gummy worms are not just your ordinary candies - they are the life of any party or event.

Planning a Halloween bash? These Trolli Brite Crawlers will add the perfect touch of fun and spookiness to your celebration. But the fun doesn't stop there! Whether you're running a Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream, or Gelato Shop, these gummy worms will make the ideal topping to delight your customers of all ages.

What sets these Trolli Brite Crawlers apart is that they are suitable for those with a Gluten-Free diet, making them a versatile treat that everyone can enjoy. Each worm is delightfully soft and chewy, ensuring a satisfying texture with every bite.

Trolli, a trusted name in the confectionery world, brings you this fantastic line of gummy candies that are sure to brighten up your day. So, whether you're looking for a delicious snack to satisfy your sweet tooth or a fun addition to your next gathering, the Trolli Brite Crawlers in a 2kg bulk bag are here to deliver the colorful, flavorful goodness you crave. Grab a bag today and let the taste adventure begin!
Brand: Trolli
Category: Soft Jelly
Occasion: Halloween
Special Diet: Gluten Free
Usage: Frozen Yogurt / Ice Cream / Gelato Shop
Product: Soft Jelly

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