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Are you ready to be Bean Boozled?

Are you ready to be Bean Boozled?

Posted by Nikki Kay on 22nd Jun 2015

Jelly Belly, the masters of crazy flavours, have come up with what has been named the “Russian Roulette” of lolly challenges, the Bean Boozled Challenge.

A weird and wacky collection of 8 Jelly Belly classics mixed with 8 identical looking – well, different flavours. Deliciously tropical coconut flavour may actually turn out to be baby wipes - the catch is; you wont know which one you're getting until you've tried it!

Take on this awesome, somewhat hair-raising challenge with friends by giving seeing which flavours they get and seeing their reactions when they taste the kooky flavours. Get everyone involved!

I dare you to try them all! Buy the Bean Boozled challenge in bulk from us here at The Professors Lolly Warehouse!

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