Common Mistakes - Candy Buffet Advice Series

Posted by Nikki Kay on 6th Aug 2015

We all know its important to learn from our mistakes, and thats no different with candy buffets! As this trend has grown in the past few years, we have learnt through hit and miss. If you are giving a candy bar a go for the first time or you just want a few pointers to help you with your next lolly display, be sure to check out my tips!

1. Avoid using metal scoops with glass jars – they will chip and you could potentially feed your guests shards of glass!


2. The size of your party bags matters – if the party bag you provide are too large, your guests may subconsciously feel obliged to fill them up. Keep in mind how much candy you planned would be consumed per guest, and provide the bags accordingly. 


3.Variety – chocolates, gumballs, salt-water taffy, sixlets…there are so many types of candy to choose from. Use as many as your budget will allow to keep things interesting and make sure there is something for everyone.

4. Tongs and scoops – keep in mind that gummy lollies need tongs and hard lollies need a scoop. Keep this in mind when setting up your display, as the wrong serving equipment will make it difficult for your guests to dispense the lollies and could end up making a mess.

5. Heat – Lollies are incredibly sensitive to changes in temperature. Be sure to avoid setting up your candy buffet in the direct sunlight. If your display must be outdoors stick to mints, rock candy, gumballs, pearls, sugar coated almonds and fizzoes.

Quick tip – Although unwrapped fairy floss looks great, it has an exposed shelf life of 15 minutes before it becomes sticky and hard to eat. Keep it in the cellophane when displaying it