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Minion Candy Buffet Ideas

Minion Candy Buffet Ideas

Posted by Nikki Kay on 16th Jun 2015

Kids and adults alike, we just can't help but to love the minions. Despicable me was a huge hit, and with The Minions movie set to be released in July this year, why not experiment with a Minion themed candy buffet! Its the perfect theme for a kids birthday party for example, and although it may sound tricky, but we've got you covered right here at The Professors with everything you will need.

    Think blue and yellow! These are the ideal colours to maintain the Minion theme throughout your candy buffet display

    Here are my suggestions:

Candy Banana's

Image 1

Blue and Yellow Choc Drops

Choc Drops - Blue Single Colour Smarties clones (Our main image of this Confectionery)

Blue and Yellow Marshmallows

Image 1

Image 1

Blue Crystal Sticks

Image 1

Blue and Yellow white choc sparkles

White Choc Jewels with Yellow Speckles (Our main image of this Confectionery)

White Choc Jewels with Blue Speckles (Our main image of this Confectionery)

Fruit Choc Balls 

Tropical Blue and  Lemon Yellow

Fruit Choc Balls - Tropical Blue (Our main image of this Confectionery)

Fruit Choc Balls - Lemon Yellow (Our main image of this Confectionery)

These are only a few options, be sure to browse our huge range of products at The Professors Lolly Warehouse

Have a browse of our other yellow and blue products to mix and match and create the perfect Minion candy buffet! 

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