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Airheads Gum - Raspberry Lemonade (12 x 14 Sticks)

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Out of stock

Get ready to embark on a taste bud adventure like never before, courtesy of The Professors Online Lolly Shop! Since 2006, weve been delighting Australia with an array of confectionery wonders, and now were bringing you a sensation thats bound to be the talk of the town. Presenting Airheads Gum in the irresistible Raspberry Lemonade flavor!

Imagine the zesty tang of freshly squeezed lemons combined with the sweet, sun-kissed allure of ripe raspberries. Thats the magic encapsulated in every chew of this delectable gum. Whether youre a lolly lover or a business owner looking to elevate your candy game, this is a must-have addition to your collection.

For the resellers out there, The Professors Confectionery Warehouse offers you a golden opportunity. Imagine your customers walking into your Corner Shop, Take-Away, Deli, Mini Mart, or Lolly and Chocolate Shop, and being greeted by this delightful treat. Its an instant crowd-pleaser thatll keep them coming back for more, ensuring your establishment becomes synonymous with top-notch confectionery.

And heres the kicker - Airheads Gum - Raspberry Lemonade is not just a flavor explosion; its also a guilt-free indulgence. Crafted with care, its entirely Sugar Free, allowing you to cater to health-conscious consumers without compromising on taste. Now, thats a win-win!

Manufactured with precision in the USA, this American gem is a testament to quality and innovation. The 12 x 14 Sticks packaging configuration ensures theres enough to go around, making it perfect for candy buffets, events, or simply stashing away for personal indulgence.

Lets talk about versatility. Whether youre looking to add a quirky twist to your venue or just want to surprise your taste buds with a burst of Raspberry Lemonade goodness, this gum fits the bill. Its an excellent addition to themed events, parties, and even as an impulse buy at the counter. The options are as endless as the flavor itself!

Why wait? Dive into a world of sensational flavors with Airheads Gum - Raspberry Lemonade from The Professors. Your taste buds will thank you, and your customers will keep coming back for more. Order now and let the flavor frenzy begin!
Chewing Gum
USA (American)
Special Diet:
Sugar Free
Corner Shop / Take-Away / Deli / Mini Mart
Lolly / Chocolate Shop
Chewing Gum

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