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Allens Family Bag - Red Ripperz (330g)

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Looking for a tasty treat thats bursting with flavour and perfect for any occasion? Look no further than Allens Family Bag - Red Ripperz, available now at The Professors Online Lolly Shop.

Made with natural colours and flavours, each individually wrapped chew bar and chewy stick is a deliciously fruity treat thats sure to please. With a vibrant red colour and sweet raspberry taste, Red Ripperz are a classic favourite thats perfect for all ages.

Whether youre stocking up for a party, special event, or simply looking for a tasty treat to enjoy on the go, Red Ripperz are the perfect choice. And with a convenient 330g bag, theyre easy to share with friends and family or to sell in your store or venue.

Speaking of which, there are plenty of great reasons to add Red Ripperz to your inventory. Theyre perfect for corner shops, take-away joints, delis, mini marts, DVD shops, and entertainment venues like Luna Park. Wherever people are looking for a tasty snack, Red Ripperz are sure to please.

So why wait? Add some Red Ripperz to your life today and discover the delicious taste of Allens Confectionery. Whether youre looking to stock up for your next event or simply want to satisfy your sweet tooth, Red Ripperz are the perfect choice. So why not order now from The Professors Online Lolly Shop and experience the sweet taste of Australias best confectionery?

With high-quality ingredients, delicious flavours, and natural colours, Red Ripperz are a tasty treat that you wont be able to resist. So why not order now and discover the delicious taste of Allens Family Bag - Red Ripperz?

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