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Allens Retro Party Mix (12 x 190g hang sell bags)

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Step back in time with Allens Retro Party Mix! This soft jelly confectionery is perfect for those who love a blast from the past. Youll feel like youre at a retro party with this classic candy in your hand.

Each bag is bursting with a rainbow of colours, making it perfect for any occasion. Whether youre snacking on it at home or displaying it in your store, this mix will add a pop of colour to any setting. And with 12 x 190g hang sell bags in each package, youll have plenty to go around.

Allens Confectionery is known for their high-quality sweets, and this mix is no exception. With a variety of soft jellies, including fruit slices, strawberries and cream, and raspberries, theres something for everyone to enjoy. The texture is chewy and satisfying, and the flavours are bold and delicious.

Not only is Allens Retro Party Mix a great treat for yourself, but its also an excellent product for businesses to sell. As a reseller, youll love the colourful packaging and hang sell bags, making it easy to display and sell in your store. And with such a popular brand name, customers will be excited to see this product on your shelves.

This mix is perfect for a wide range of businesses, including corner shops, take-away restaurants, delis, mini marts, DVD shops, entertainment venues like Luna Park, fuel service stations, lolly and chocolate shops, and newsagents. With such a versatile product, youll be able to cater to a wide range of customers and increase your sales.

But its not just the appearance and taste that makes Allens Retro Party Mix stand out. The sensory experience of eating this confectionery is truly unforgettable. The soft, chewy texture combined with the bright colours and bold flavours create a fun and exciting experience that will keep customers coming back for more.

In conclusion, Allens Retro Party Mix is a must-have for any candy lover, whether youre indulging at home or selling in your store. With its colourful packaging, high-quality ingredients, and unbeatable taste, its sure to be a hit with customers of
Allens Confectionery
Soft Jelly
Hang Sell Bags
Corner Shop / Take-Away / Deli / Mini Mart
DVD Shop
Entertainment Venue (ie. Luna Park)
Fuel Service Station
Lolly / Chocolate Shop
Soft Jelly

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