Arizona Iced Tea Cans - Watermelon (24 x 680ml)

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Quench your thirst with the refreshing and juicy Arizona Iced Tea Cans in Watermelon flavor! With a pack containing 24 cans of 680ml each, this delightful beverage is perfect for stocking up your Coffee Shop, Cafe, DVD Shop, or Fuel Service Station.

Made in the USA, this American product is proudly brought to you by Arizona, ensuring a taste that captures the essence of quality and tradition. The tantalizing Watermelon flavor is sure to invigorate your taste buds and leave you feeling energized throughout the day.

Whether you prefer beverages with natural colors and flavors, this Arizona Iced Tea is tailored to meet your dietary preferences. Sip on the goodness of real fruit essence without any artificial additives, making it a guilt-free indulgence for all occasions.

Each sip of Arizona Iced Tea in the convenient can packaging delivers a burst of fruity goodness that you can enjoy on the go or at leisure. So why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your beverage experience with the bold and refreshing taste of Arizona Iced Tea in Watermelon flavor! Treat yourself to a taste of summer with each can of this deliciously satisfying beverage.
Brand: Arizona
Category: Cans
Country: USA (American)
Special Diet: Natural Colours
Special Diet: Natural Flavours
Usage: Coffee Shop / Cafe
Usage: DVD Shop
Usage: Fuel Service Station
Product: Cans

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