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Bassetts Sherbet Lemon (12x200g bags)

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Bassetts Sherbet Lemon (12x200g bags) - An old english favourite. These are a tasty lemon flavoured hard boiled lolly, which when you suck it long enough you get to the middle which is filled with yummy fizzy sherbet. If you are impatient you can always bite into the lolly and get the fizzy sherbet centre quicker. Either way these lollies are delicious

Supplied by Bassett, these sweets will sure to be a hit with your guests.
This Confectionery is a product of UK (English)
This Confectionery is available in Individually Wrapped packaging.
We best describe these goodies as Candy Pieces,Retro.
We recommend this Confectionery for Corner Shop / Take-Away / Deli / Mini Mart,Newsagent,Party Shop.
You will be left wanting more of these lollies as the delectable flavour of Lemon,Sherbert sets in.

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued

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