Chika Puka Squeezable Bubble Gum Grape (18 x 40g tube Display Unit)

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The famous Korean Chika Puka Squeezable Bubble Gum in grape flavour. Squeeze out the desired amount of bubble gum from the tube, then put the cap back on to save some for later. (18 tube display unit)

Candy Brokers supply this line of confectionery.
Do you need a Confectionery item that will work for Corner Shop / Take-Away / Deli / Mini Mart,DVD Shop,Lolly / Chocolate Shop? Look no further, this product is the one for you.
Require Individually Wrapped Confectionery? This product meets all your needs.
This confectionery is in the following categories; Bubble Gum,Unique.
With the scrumptious flavour of Grape, your mouth will be watering at the thought of these lollies.
Brand: Candy Brokers
Category: Bubble Gum
Category: Unique
Flavour: Grape
Packaging: Individually Wrapped
Usage: Corner Shop / Take-Away / Deli / Mini Mart
Usage: DVD Shop
Usage: Lolly / Chocolate Shop
Product: Bubble Gum

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