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ChoCo2 - Choc Coated Popping Candy refill kit (50 x 10g Test Tubes)

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Choc Coated Popping Candy, or ChoCo2 (pronounced Choc-O-2) as we call it, is an amazing new spin on an amazing old product. Real popping candy (with a subtle strawberry flavour) with a choc coating.

This is a retail refill kit suitable for thoses that are super fans of the product or who already have a display rack and need a refill. This pack includes 50 x 10g ChoCo2 test tubes. Because of its science slant and packaging, this product is a winner with all ages and a sure fire impulse sale item or smash hit at your next science themed party.

Each 10g portion packaged in a real 10g plastic test tube and stopper. This is delicious, put some in your mouth and as the choc coating melts away the popping candy starts to snap and crackle away in your mouth - Popping candy and a chocolatey experience all in one, the perfect match!

Not only is ChoC-----+++o2 awesome just to eat straight from its cool test tube

The Professors Tasty Technology supply this line of confectionery.

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued

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