Lolliland Clouds - Green - Watermelon Flavour (1kg bag)

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Step into a world of sweetness with Lolliland Clouds in the delightful Green Watermelon flavor! Whether you're hosting a vibrant Candy Buffet, planning the perfect Event Styling, or catering a special occasion, these candies are your ticket to confectionery paradise.

Picture this: Your guests marveling at the eye-catching Green hue, anticipation building for that burst of juicy Watermelon goodness. It's a taste sensation that's sure to leave everyone smiling!

Lolliland isn't just any confectionery brand – we're your go-to for quality treats that make every moment sweeter. Plus, with these Clouds and Chewy Puffs fitting perfectly into a Halal diet, everyone can indulge in the joy of these treats!

The best part? This 1kg bag is packed full of these tasty delights, ensuring there's plenty to go around. And trust us, once you pop one of these Watermelon-flavored Clouds into your mouth, you won't want to stop.

So, elevate your Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream, or Gelato shop offerings with a touch of whimsy and flavor. Add a pop of color and taste to any occasion with Lolliland Clouds – your new favorite confectionery companion. It's time to turn every gathering into a sweet celebration, one delicious Watermelon Cloud at a time!
Brand: Lolliland
Category: Clouds and Chewy Puffs
Colour: Green
Flavour: Watermelon
Special Diet: Halal
Usage: Candy Buffet / Event Styling / Catering
Usage: Frozen Yogurt / Ice Cream / Gelato Shop
Product: Clouds and Chewy Puffs

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