Milky Way Bar - Paper (40 x 22g bars in a display unit)

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Indulge in the timeless pleasure of Milky Way Bar - Paper, available at The Professors Online Lolly Shop. For over 40 years, Mars has been capturing the hearts and taste buds of chocolate lovers across Australia. Now, were proud to present this delicious fusion of chocolate, caramel, and nougat in a new sustainable packaging thats as good for the planet as it is for your cravings.

Picture this: a velvety smooth milk chocolate exterior enveloping a luscious combination of soft nougat and creamy caramel. Each bite is a symphony of flavors and textures, creating a sensory experience that will transport you to chocolate paradise. With every mouthful, savor the rich and indulgent taste of our proudly Australian-made Milky Way Bar - Paper.

But the goodness doesnt stop there. As part of our commitment to a sustainable future, weve swapped plastic for paper-based packaging. Its your turn now to join us in making a difference. After youve enjoyed your Milky Way Bar, simply place the empty wrapper in the recycling bin. Together, we can contribute to a greener world while satisfying our sweet tooth.

Milky Way Bar - Paper is not only a delight for end consumers but also an excellent choice for businesses looking to stock a crowd-pleasing treat. Whether you own a corner shop, takeaway joint, deli, mini-mart, DVD shop, newsagent, school, or sporting club, offering Milky Way Bars will attract customers and keep them coming back for more. The irresistible combination of chocolate, caramel, and nougat is a winning formula that appeals to people of all ages and tastes.

Each bar is individually wrapped, ensuring freshness and convenience. The packaging configuration includes 40 x 22g bars in a display unit, making it easy to showcase and sell these delectable treats. Place them near your checkout counter or create a dedicated display to catch the attention of your customers. Milky Way Bars - Paper are a must-have item for any confectionery aisle or sweet buffet.

Searching for the perfect addition to a themed event or party? Look no further. Milky Way Bars - Paper are versatile and fit perfectly into various occasions. Whether youre organizing a birthday celebration, a school fundraiser, or a sporting club event, these chocolate bars will be a hit. The classic combination of chocolate, caramel, and nougat appeals to all tastes, ensuring everyone leaves with a smile.

At The Professors Online Lolly Shop, we take pride in delivering the finest confectionery products Australia-wide. Milky Way Bars - Paper embody the irresistible charm of a beloved chocolate bar, now with an eco-friendly twist. Join us in savoring the pleasure of each bite while contributing to a sustainable future. Order your Milky Way Bars today and let the chocolaty magic unfold.
Brand: Mars
Category: Chocolate bars
Country: Australia
Flavour: Chocolate
Flavour: Nougat
Packaging: Individually Wrapped
Usage: Corner Shop / Take-Away / Deli / Mini Mart
Usage: DVD Shop
Usage: Newsagent
Usage: School / Sporting Club
Product: Chocolate bars

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