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Soda Boss - Peach Rings (12 x 375ml cans)

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$21.98 (Inc. GST)
$19.98 (Ex. GST)
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Out of stock

Soda Boss - Peach Rings (12 x 375ml cans)

Soda Boss - Peach Rings (12 x 375ml cans)

$21.98 (Inc. GST)
$19.98 (Ex. GST)

Step into a world of juicy delight with Soda Boss - Peach Rings! Welcome to The Professors Online Lolly Shop, where weve been delighting candy enthusiasts across Australia since 2006. Prepare to indulge in the sensory wonders of our latest offering, Soda Boss - Peach Rings, and experience the ultimate peach-flavored bliss thatll leave you coming back for more.

Let your taste buds embark on a tantalizing journey as you pop open one of our 12 x 375ml cans of Soda Boss - Peach Rings. With every sip, youll be greeted by the succulent taste of fresh, ripe peaches, perfectly captured in this fizzy sensation. But thats not all! As the flavors swirl in your mouth, youll discover the delightful chewiness of peach rings, creating an unparalleled and unforgettable experience.

For our beloved resellers, this product is an absolute gem to have in your corner shop, take-away joint, deli, mini-mart, frozen yogurt, ice cream, or gelato shop. With its irresistible peachy goodness, Soda Boss - Peach Rings are sure to entice your customers and keep them coming back for more. Add them to your candy buffet, chocolate shop, or even your vending machines, and watch them fly off the shelves.

Made right here in Australia, Soda Boss - Peach Rings boast the goodness of natural flavors. Theres no need to worry about artificial additives or preservatives. Just pure, juicy, peachy goodness in every can.

Now, lets talk about the delightful sensory experience you can expect when consuming Soda Boss - Peach Rings. Imagine the sensation of effervescent bubbles dancing on your tongue as the peachy goodness envelops your taste buds. The chewy texture of the peach rings adds an extra layer of fun and excitement to each sip, making every moment a delightful surprise.

Hosting an event or party? Soda Boss - Peach Rings are the perfect addition to your celebration. Their vibrant peachy hue and unique flavor will add a touch of fun and sophistication to any gathering, making them an ideal choice for weddings, birthdays, and more.

At The Professors Online Lolly Shop, we take pride in providing top-quality products that are sure to delight your senses. With our reliable Australia-wide delivery service, you can get your hands on Soda Boss - Peach Rings no matter where you are in the country.

So, quench your thirst for adventure and indulge in the peach-flavored sensation that is Soda Boss - Peach Rings. Order your 12 x 375ml cans today and experience the perfect balance of fizz, flavor, and chew. With each sip and bite, youll find yourself transported to a peach orchard, basking in the sweetness of this delightful treat.

Dont miss out on the juicy joy that awaits you! Add Soda Boss - Peach Rings to your cart and take your taste buds on a peachy paradise. Cheers to deliciousness and happy sipping!
Category: Cans
Country: Australia
Flavour: Peach
Special Diet: Natural Flavours
Usage: Corner Shop / Take-Away / Deli / Mini Mart
Usage: Frozen Yogurt / Ice Cream / Gelato Shop
Usage: Lolly / Chocolate Shop
Usage: Vending Machine Operator
Product: Cans

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