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Sweetworld Jelly Beans (2kg bag)

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SKU: 13609
UPC: 9327776051236
Availability: Out of stock. More expected in around 28 May 24.
Brand: Sweetworld
Category: Jelly beans
Colour: Rainbow
Country: Australia
Flavour: Apple
Flavour: Blackcurrant
Flavour: Blueberry
Flavour: Raspberry
Flavour: Strawberry
Occasion: Parties
Special Diet: Natural Colours
Special Diet: Natural Flavours
Usage: Lolly / Chocolate Shop
Usage: School / Sporting Club
Product: Jelly beans
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Out of stock

Welcome to a world of sweetness with Sweetworld Jelly Beans from The Professors Online Lolly Shop! These delightful jelly beans are a burst of color and flavor that will tantalize your taste buds and bring joy to any occasion.

Packed in a generous 2kg bag, Sweetworld Jelly Beans are perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings at home, sharing with friends and family, or adding a pop of color to your candy buffet. Each bean is carefully crafted to deliver a mouthwatering sensation with every bite, making them an irresistible treat for candy lovers of all ages.

Indulge in a sensory experience like no other as you bite into the soft and chewy texture of these jelly beans, releasing a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. From fruity favorites like strawberry, lemon, and orange to exotic tastes like mango, passionfruit, and pineapple, every bean offers a new adventure in taste.

For businesses looking to delight their customers with a rainbow of flavors, Sweetworld Jelly Beans are the perfect choice. Whether you run a lolly shop, convenience store, or event planning business, these vibrant and versatile candies are sure to fly off the shelves and leave your customers craving more.

With their fun and quirky appearance, Sweetworld Jelly Beans are also ideal for themed parties, weddings, and corporate events. Create stunning candy displays or use them as party favors to add a touch of sweetness to any celebration.

So why wait? Treat yourself and your loved ones to the magic of Sweetworld Jelly Beans today! Order now from The Professors Online Lolly Shop and experience the joy of these delightful candies. With their unbeatable taste and endless possibilities, theyre sure to become a staple in your candy collection.

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