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Venco Dutch Licorice - Schoolkrijt (Chalk) (1kg bag)

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UPC: 8714200213130
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Category: Dutch licorice
Category: Other licorice
Colour: White
Country: Netherlands (Holland)
Flavour: Licorice
Occasion: Parties
Product: Dutch licorice
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Out of stock

Welcome to The Professors Online Lolly Shop, your go-to destination for all things sweet and delightful! Weve been satisfying Australias confectionery cravings since 2006, and were thrilled to introduce you to a truly irresistible treat that will tickle your taste buds and ignite your imagination. Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting flavors of Venco Dutch Licorice - Schoolkrijt!

When it comes to sensory experiences, Venco Dutch Licorice - Schoolkrijt takes the cake. With its vibrant white color and delectable licorice flavor, this confectionery masterpiece is a feast for the eyes and the palate. Each piece is meticulously crafted to ensure a harmonious balance of sweetness and a satisfying chew. As you sink your teeth into the smooth texture, youll be transported to a world where indulgence knows no bounds.

For end consumers, Venco Dutch Licorice - Schoolkrijt is the perfect treat to brighten your day and add a touch of excitement to any occasion. The luscious licorice taste dances on your tongue, creating a symphony of flavors that will leave you craving more. Whether youre enjoying it on your own, sharing it with friends at a party, or incorporating it into a candy buffet, this licorice sensation is sure to delight.

But the magic of Venco Dutch Licorice - Schoolkrijt doesnt stop there. If youre a business owner looking to elevate your confectionery offerings, this product is an absolute must-have for your store, venue, or styled candy buffet event. The striking white packaging of Venco Dutch Licorice - Schoolkrijt will catch the eye of your customers, drawing them in with its elegant and whimsical charm. By offering this premium licorice variety, youll not only entice licorice enthusiasts but also cater to those seeking a unique and unforgettable taste experience.

Manufactured in the Netherlands (Holland), Venco Dutch Licorice - Schoolkrijt embodies the rich tradition and expertise of Dutch confectionery craftsmanship. The superior quality of this licorice reflects the time-honored techniques used to create a product that stands out from the crowd. As you savor each piece, youll appreciate the care and attention to detail that goes into every bite.

Parties become even more memorable with the addition of Venco Dutch Licorice - Schoolkrijt. Whether youre hosting a birthday celebration, a themed gathering, or a festive event, these chalk-shaped licorice treats are guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter to your guests. Watch as they discover the delightful flavors hidden within each piece and marvel at the whimsical shape that adds a playful touch to any party setting.

At The Professors Online Lolly Shop, we take pride in curating a diverse selection of confectionery delights to satisfy every sweet tooth. From classic favorites to unique and hard-to-find treats, were passionate about delivering joy to your doorstep. Our commitment to excellence ensures that youll always find the finest confectionery options to elevate your snacking experience.

Dont miss out on the enchanting flavors of Venco Dutch Licorice - Schoolkrijt. Order now from The Professors Online Lolly Shop and embark on a journey of irresistible licorice indulgence. With each bite, youll discover a world of sweetness and wonder that will keep you coming back for more. Let us be your trusted source for confectionery bliss, and let the magic unfold one delectable treat at a time.

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