Worlds Hottest Corn Chips (50g box)

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$9.46 (Inc. GST)
$8.60 (Ex. GST)
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Worlds Hottest  Corn Chips (50g box)

Worlds Hottest Corn Chips (50g box)

$9.46 (Inc. GST)
$8.60 (Ex. GST)
Spice up your snack game with the scorching sensation of Worlds Hottest Corn Chips, available at The Professors Online Lolly Shop! These fiery delights are not just your average corn chips; they're a flavor-packed adventure waiting to ignite your taste buds.

Crafted right here in Australia, these chips pack a punch with the intense heat of Habanero peppers. From the moment you pop one in your mouth, get ready for an explosion of flavor that will leave you reaching for more.

Whether you're a daring snacker looking for a thrill or a business owner seeking to tantalize your customers' palates, Worlds Hottest Corn Chips are the perfect addition to your shelves. Imagine the excitement these chips will bring to your corner shop, take-away joint, deli, mini-mart, fuel service station, or newsagent. They're not just chips; they're an experience.

Planning a party? Elevate your snack spread with these spicy sensations. Your guests will be buzzing with excitement as they indulge in the intense flavors of these chips. Pair them with your favorite dips or enjoy them straight out of the box for an unforgettable snacking experience.

Each 50g box is packed with flavor and conveniently packaged in hang-sell bags, making them perfect for on-the-go snacking or for displaying on your store shelves.

So why wait? Heat up your snack game today with Worlds Hottest Corn Chips from The Professors Online Lolly Shop. Don't miss out on the chance to add some spice to your life!
Category: Chips
Country: Australia
Flavour: Habanero
Occasion: Parties
Packaging: Hang Sell Bags
Usage: Corner Shop / Take-Away / Deli / Mini Mart
Usage: Fuel Service Station
Usage: Newsagent
Product: Chips

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