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Crunchy Ice Cream

Crunchy Ice Cream

This amazing product has previously been described as "Astronaut food", "Astronaut Ice Cream or just plain old "Space food"! - But we call it "Crunchy Ice Cream"

Crunchy Ice Cream is real ice cream that has been put through a special process called freeze drying, so another way to refer to it is "Freeze Dried Ice Cream" . What's particularly interesting is that it no longer requires refrigeration!

The freeze drying process results in the ice cream keeping it's marvellous creamy taste and nutrients, and will last for over 2 years at normal room temperature.

Curious? Most people are when they hear about an ice cream that doesn't need to be put in the freezer

This miraculous little treat is sold as a solid block which has a texture similar to the honeycomb inside of a Violet Crumble - Mmmm, Crunchy! And when you bite into it the ice cream instantly melts in your mouth to reveal the original luscious creamy flavours.

Inside the Crunchy Ice CreamThere's no preparation, nothing to be added and no time to wait it's ready straight out of the packet.

 We've found basically everyone wants to try some. Boys and girls, young and old we are always tempted to try a new way of enjoying something we already love. And love it we do, Australians are in the top three largest per capita consumers of Ice cream in the world!

When people hear "Freeze dried ice cream" their curiosity is instantly captured. It seems impossible to a lot of people that you can dry something like ice cream. They are intrigued and want to try.

Test this by mentioning it to someone you know and watch their reaction and interest. Crunchy Ice Cream often sells purely on the basis of uniqueness, you don't even have to tempt people with taste or convenience.

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