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Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs (125g bag)

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Dive into a world of sweet sensation with Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs, proudly brought to you by The Professors Online Lolly Shop. Weve been satisfying Australias confectionery cravings since 2006, delivering delightful treats to doorsteps all across the country. But this is more than just a product – its an experience, and its not just for individual consumers; its a golden opportunity for businesses looking to sweeten their offerings.

Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs are the ultimate indulgence, a sensory journey thats bound to tickle your taste buds and tantalize your senses. These delightful eggs are made right here in Australia, ensuring top-notch quality and the distinctive flavor that has made them an iconic Australian brand. The best part? You can stock them in your corner shop, take-away joint, deli, mini-mart, fuel service station, lolly or chocolate shop, or even your friendly neighborhood newsagent. These eggs are so versatile, theyre sure to be a hit in any establishment.

Our Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs are a unique blend of creamy milk chocolate on the outside, with a surprise on the inside – a smooth ganache filling mixed with sherbet and popping candy! The moment you bite into one, youll embark on a flavor adventure like no other. The rich, velvety chocolate gives way to the delightful fizz of sherbet, and the satisfying pop of candy will have you hooked from the very first bite.

The packaging of Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs is designed to catch the eye, with fun and vibrant colors that practically leap off the shelves. Its the perfect addition to your candy buffet, store, or venue. Whether youre stocking these eggs as an individual business owner or reselling them to sweet-toothed customers, our hang sell bags make it effortless to display and sell these sweet delights. No elaborate setup needed – the packaging practically sells itself.

While Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs are a fantastic addition to any store year-round, they truly shine during Easter. However, dont limit them to one season alone; these delectable eggs are perfect for any time of the year. Customers of all ages will adore these, making them an excellent choice for party favors, gifts, or simply indulging oneself.

At The Professors Online Lolly Shop, we believe in keeping the joy of candy alive. Our Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs perfectly embody this mission, and were thrilled to share them with you and your customers. This product is all about spreading happiness, nostalgia, and deliciousness, and its a top choice for businesses that want to stand out and offer something unique.

So, dont miss out on the chance to add a touch of magic to your establishment or event. Place an order for Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs today and see how they can transform your store into a hub of sweetness and delight. Order these iconic Australian treats now and get ready for smiles, laughter, and returning customers who cant resist the delicious allure of Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs. Let the sensory adventure begin!
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