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Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs (6 eggs - 222g bag)

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Get ready to embark on a mouthwatering adventure with Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs, brought to you by The Professors Online Lolly Shop, Australias confectionery haven since 2006. These delightful treats are the perfect addition to your candy buffet, store, or venue. Whether youre an end consumer looking for a sweet escape or a business owner seeking unique offerings for your establishment, these eggs are a must-have for Easter.

Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs are a true sensory delight, crafted with care in Australia to guarantee top-notch quality. Inside the colorful and fun packaging, youll discover creamy milk chocolate eggs filled with a smooth ganache center thats blended with a special twist – sherbet and popping candy! The moment you bite into one, youll experience a symphony of flavors and textures thatll have your taste buds dancing with joy.

For those of you looking to share these heavenly eggs with your customers, there are plenty of great reasons to stock them in your corner shop, takeaway joint, deli, mini-mart, fuel service station, lolly or chocolate shop, or even your local newsagent. With the popularity of unique and memorable treats on the rise, Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs are an excellent choice. The eye-catching packaging will draw customers in, and the delicious taste will keep them coming back for more. Trust us; theyre a proven crowd-pleaser.

Easter, the season of joy and indulgence, is the ideal time to feature Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs. However, these delectable delights arent limited to just one season – theyre a hit year-round. So, add them to your store and enjoy a boost in sales throughout the year.

The packaging comes in convenient hang sell bags, making them easy to display in your store, ensuring that these eggs are readily available for your customers to grab on the go. No need for elaborate displays or setups; the attractive bags practically sell themselves.

As an iconic Australian brand, Wizz Fizz is a name thats synonymous with quality and deliciousness. When you stock Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs, youre offering your customers a taste of nostalgia and a memorable treat that theyll love to share with friends and family. These eggs make excellent gifts or party favors, and their bright, cheerful packaging makes them the perfect choice for candy buffets and themed events.

So, dont miss out on the opportunity to delight your customers with Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs. Order a supply today from The Professors Online Lolly Shop and watch as these eggs become a favorite in your store. Experience the sensational combination of creamy chocolate, sherbet, and popping candy – a sensory adventure that your customers wont be able to resist. Get ready for smiles, joy, and returning customers thanks to Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs – the perfect addition to any store or event.

Order your Wizz Fizz Mini Eggs today and make your establishment or event an unforgettable, candy-filled experience. The Professors Online Lolly Shop has you covered, delivering these sweet treasures Australia-wide. Dont wait; add some magic to your store today!
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